Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Darkness

I wrote this poem as a reaction to the rest of the world. It seems these days, for believers especially, that we are surrounded by darkness that is trying to suck us in,  and telling us that everything we believe is wrong. I reject this wholeheartedly. I, for one know the truth, and refuse to be silenced, shut down, or told to be quiet. I refuse to be blinded by the darkness. Do you?

The Darkness
In this fallen world
the darkness surrounds.
Suffocating, smothering,
reaching its cold, dead fingers around
to strangle that last bit of light,
that single drop of goodness out.
The  Pain.
It scratches and tears,
and rips apart from the inside out,
stopping only to give the hope that it will end,
only to come back as avid as ever,
but more painful than before.
The Silence.
Ears slowly going deaf from disuse,
not a single note, nor tone, nor lone voice crying out
for the fear of being heard.
The fear that silences us all.
This darkness does not relent,
this darkness consumes.
Not some things, but all things;
every last happy thought,
no more smiles, no more laughter.
Every vivid hue is sucked into the black abyss that is
this darkness.
And so I wait.
I will smile, I will laugh,
I will anticipate the glorious return of the Light.
I will not cower behind others, doubting a savior.
I will stand boldly,
knowing that mine has come and will come once more.
Many are blinded by the dark, and stumble along
the continuous path to pain, to misery,
to destruction; to death.
But I saw.
I  refused to be blinded, and I chose.
I chose to love the light,
instead of worshiping
The Darkness.

-Rebecca Zachry