Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Time to Decide

As I blew all of the cat hair off of my keyboard today, I decided to forgo working on all of the other blog posts and poems I have in the works at the moment, and write about something that has really been at the front of my mind recently. Its something I've felt strongly about for a while, and something that I feel like some people might really need to hear.

I think that most of the young adults my age are a very “all or nothing” people, especially when it comes to terms of faith. I've seen it go to the extremes in both directions, and have also been considered an “extremist” by some of my friends and acquaintances. Something that a lot of people don't know is that I myself only really made the conscious decision about my faith and to start being serious about it probably about a year and a half ago.

Don't get me wrong, God has pretty much always been real to me; growing up, having gone to Sunday school at an Assembly's of God every Sunday, kind of cemented the idea of God in my head at a very young age. Then, when I was in middle school, my family took a step in a different direction, and made a decision to search out our faith in a completely biblical manner; while still believing as Jesus as our Messiah, we started observing the Sabbath, celebrating the biblical feasts, following Torah, and trying to learn and study even more. This was strange to me at first; no one I knew of besides my mom, dad, and sister believed anything like we did. However, it also made an unusual amount of sense to me. I've always been the kind of person who questioned things, so much so that I'm sure when I was a child, my parents got an unnatural aversion to the word “why” because of the number of times I would say it in a day. This questioning spirit of mine actually became something of a compelling force to cause me to make some very important decisions later on in life.

That's kind of why I'm writing this. I feel like a lot of people have never actually made a conscious decision about what they believe. I'm not talking about an altar call when you are five, or being baptized at the ripe old age of eight (guilty). I'm talking about an actual adult decision. Not whether or not you are going to go to college, what career you are going to pursue, not who or when you are going to get married, not when you are going to move out of mom and dad's house, I'm talking about the single most important decision in your life. What do you believe? Not what do your parents believe, or what their convictions are. You, as and adult. You can't live under the umbrella of your parent's or family's faith forever, that's not how it works. Ask questions, and seek out biblical answers. Search for the truth. Tap into your child- like curiosity. But the bottom line is this; make a decision, and start being serious.

I guess I'll leave you with this: a call to action. Seek out the truth. Start asking questions. Read your bible. Make a decision and make it real. Start getting serious. Find an answer to this question: what do you believe?